Hello Business Minded People!

blog-disclosureHi everyone! I welcome all the business minded people around the Globe.  I thought I would start this blog by sharing my thoughts on starting and committing to any business that you may encounter anywhere, may it be just within your community, online, etc.  I do want to learn also from anybody who have their own businesses.  Were you successful, disappointed or just being patient to make it work for you?

Anyhow, since I am just assisting my husband’s business, I feel I need to venture or invest some of my time doing business myself, but I want something that doesn’t need inventory at all.  I just want something that I can earn by doing it at home, like a home-based business.  I searched on the web, talked to my friends on FB, read on magazines, and many more ways but it seems you’ll end up joining in a few to try some luck. If you just want to try your luck though, this will only work if you put commitment to it.

What do you think are the most common businesses around the globe today?


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