Multi Function Cooker

Amazing 8-in-1 Multi Cooker – roasts, slow cooks, steams, fries, grills, boils, casseroles & more!

From roast beef to a chocolate fondue, a hearty casserole to fish and chips – this brilliant multi-function cooker creates your favourite meals with the minimum of fuss, mess and power. The 5 litre nonstick aluminium bowl lifts out for easy cleaning and comes with a glass lid, steamer rack and deep frying basket. Just choose boil, roast, sauté/grill, steam, slow cook, deep fry, fondue or keep warm using simple digital controls.

Great Features:
• Easy push-button control panel
• LED display
• 8 Pre Set cooking modes
• Adjustable Temperature and Time
• Deep fry basket and handle
• Steaming rack
• Power1300W



I so love this COOKING MASTER!  If you have one at home you’ll become the Cooking Master yourself.


Mialisia Versastyle Look of the Week

Love Jewelry?  Do check this new versastyle look of the week!


The video below is featuring January’s Infinite Worth Club pieces. Silver Inspirations locket, Rose Quartz stone and spacer and Infinity Silver Blush VersaStyle piece.