Multi Function Cooker

Amazing 8-in-1 Multi Cooker – roasts, slow cooks, steams, fries, grills, boils, casseroles & more!

From roast beef to a chocolate fondue, a hearty casserole to fish and chips – this brilliant multi-function cooker creates your favourite meals with the minimum of fuss, mess and power. The 5 litre nonstick aluminium bowl lifts out for easy cleaning and comes with a glass lid, steamer rack and deep frying basket. Just choose boil, roast, sauté/grill, steam, slow cook, deep fry, fondue or keep warm using simple digital controls.

Great Features:
• Easy push-button control panel
• LED display
• 8 Pre Set cooking modes
• Adjustable Temperature and Time
• Deep fry basket and handle
• Steaming rack
• Power1300W



I so love this COOKING MASTER!  If you have one at home you’ll become the Cooking Master yourself.


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